The Future Is Bright


Pt. 7: Meaningful Community

In today's technological world, we are more connected than ever; However, for many of us, we often feel more isolated and alone. This is because we need a meaningful, authentic relationships where we are fully known - not just all the good, but the messy as well. God created us for this type of connection and the church is to be this type of community. In this message Pastor Landon Porter explains why God created us this way and how you can be apart of this community.
Sunday, October 16, 2022


The Future Is Bright

God has blessed our church family in so many exciting ways. But did you know there are several examples of people and churches in the Bible whose future was very bright, but sadly, they veered off-course over the years and ended up far, far away from God’s blessing. We can learn something from them. In this message series, we are diving into a study of what it takes for a church and a Christian to know the favor of God upon their life.

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