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With cellphones and similar devices everywhere, we are all engaged in one of the most incredible social experiments ever conceived in the history of mankind. Within this alarming experiment, our kids are becoming entrenched in an increasingly pornified culture. Pornography use among kids is now a major public health issue due to its far-reaching effects. 


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Managing Media Creating Character

Technology, smartphones and social media are changing how we live but are these advancements changing who we are? In our globally-connected, instantly-accessible world, is it possible for parents to be more influential on their children’s character than the internet?
Parents everywhere are struggling to find a standard they can maintain while keeping their children protected online and connected with friends. In the absence of any such standard, many children have free reign with the technology they own and the media they consume. The result has been an unsettling amount of cyberbullying, self-harm, and suicides along with increased rates of adolescent depression and anxiety. In Managing Media Creating Character, you will learn how to use the technology and media your child craves in order to develop patience, respect, kindness, honesty, self-control, modesty, humility, and self-worth.

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We believe that a Christ-centered marriage takes a fierce tenacity that never gives up and never gives in. There is no Plan B. is a blog curated and written by Ryan and Selena Frederick. 


At MarriageToday We Know God Has A Plan. He wants families to enjoy the emotional security and fulfillment that strong marriages bring. That’s why He has called our ministry to establish, strengthen, save, and restore family and marriage relationships through a Biblical message of healing, restoration, hope, and encouragement.



The story of Be Broken Ministries began with the story of Jonathan & Elaine Daugherty. Their personal journey through the devastation of sexual addiction and brokenness led to the formation of the ministry. As healing began, first for Jonathan, and later for Elaine, they started to realize just how prevalent sexual brokenness was for families nationwide. Not wanting their healing to be in vain, they decided to begin reaching out to other men and their families who could benefit from the principles they learned on the journey to freedom and restoration. The road was difficult and painful, but the results have been worth every step. And it will be worth it for your family too.


Books On Recovery


Grace-Based Recovery BookGRACE-BASED RECOVERY

A resource for addiction support and recovery groups, Grace-Based Recovery is a small-group study designed to help people suffering from addiction and those close to them understand God's grace and why it is the only path to true freedom. 

With nine easy-to-use lessons, Grace-Based Recovery highlights the significant differences between a performance-based approach to recovery and a grace-based approach, and establishes a safe environment where addicts can learn from their mistakes rather than be punished for them. Through practical exercises, readers will learn the principles of grace and how to apply those truths to the false beliefs that have held them captive. Participants will be encouraged to see freedom from addiction as a lifelong process and to live without shame and fear as they grow, stumble, grow again, and, by God's grace, change

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Everyone has a secret or two areas of their life they would rather not share with the general public. But Jonathan Daugherty had a life-altering, relationship-ending secret that he wanted to keep hidden at all costs. And it did cost him. His secret snatched away contentment, peace, and the possibility of being known and loved for who he really is. That's what any addiction can do but in particular a sex addiction. When his wife finally realized who Jonathan really was and what he was really doing, their marriage seemed to be over. 

Jonathan shares honestly and courageously his story of pornography addiction and how he lost everything. But that's not the whole story. Someone else was at work while Jonathan was struggling: his heavenly Father. At the lowest possible moment of his life, God stepped in and brought hope and healing. 

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