The Great Adventure


The Great Adventure, Part 4

Cibolo Creek Community Church
What if every time you started to worry, you made it a practice to stop immediately and pray a prayer of thanksgiving about the very thing you are worried about? What if you put your faith in the confidence that God is for you and guiding your every step? In this last week of our Adventure series, Paul talks about the Adventure of trusting God with our life and having the courage to place that trust over all our worry and fear.
Sunday, January 30, 2022


The Great Adventure

So much of how we experience life is determined by our perspective and our attitude. The same is true with the invitation to follow Jesus. It is either an exciting adventure to go on or a boring and burdensome obligation to fulfill. The start of a new year might be the perfect time to take an honest look at how you see Jesus’ invitation to follow Him.

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