Redemptive Community


Redemptive Community, Part 5

Cibolo Creek Community Church
One of the biggest lies of the enemy is that we can overcome sin on our own, in our own strength. But we learn in this message that life within a community of believers is not only vital to our spiritual health, but it also allows for a safe place to grow and change toward a better reflection of Jesus in each of us.
Sunday, March 6, 2022


Redemptive Community

What would it look like if Cibolo Creek worked exactly like God intended for His Church? Do we even know? Well, if we read the Bible carefully, the clues for how God intended His Church to work are everywhere. Interestingly, they all come back to a single word. And that one word changes everything. Literally, changes everything about the life we liveā€¦and the church we attend.

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