Follow Jesus

What does it mean to be a "follower of Jesus"?

Simply put, a follower, or disciple, of Jesus is someone who seeks to be with Him, to become like Him and to do what He did. As we become disciples of Christ we make Him our highest priority in our regular rhythms. In doing so, we endeavor to slow down and set aside the hurry and noise clamoring for attention in our soul, and recognize that without Jesus in our lives, we cannot thrive in the ways which truly matter. When all is said and done, Jesus invites you to follow Him and practice being in His presence through the discipline of prayer, reading His scriptures, and carving out time for rest.

Cultivate conversation with God through prayer as we move throughout our day. PRAYER RESOURCES

Learn the Truth of God's word and listen for His voice by meditating on Scripture each day. SCRIPTURE CHALLENGE 

Trust God with your time and make space for spiritual rest. This is the heartbeat of Sabbath. SABBATH RESOURCES

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