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In our culture, we are constantly faced with hurry and restlessness. The pressure to hustle and consume can be overwhelming. But in creation, God modeled a healthy life balance when He worked for six days, and then he set aside a day for rest. Throughout the Bible we see significance placed on sabbath rest as a practice of obedience and a gift from the Father. Sabbath is an entire day set aside to simply rest in God’s presence. It is dedicated time to press pause on work, schedules and obligations that fill up our calendar and enjoy the goodness of our Creator. Often in scripture, we find Jesus carving out time for sabbath rest and we are called to emulate that same balance of rest in our own lives.

Tips for getting started:

  1. If you have never taken a full day of Sabbath rest before, start out with a half day and work your way up. Give yourself some grace as you begin a new practice you are not used to.
  2. Mark time in your calendar for your time of Sabbath rest. This way you will be less likely to allow other things to fill up your time.
  3. Turn off your devices or put them in another room to help with less distractions.
  4. Make a plan before you begin your time of Sabbath rest. It may sound silly, but having a plan will allow you to be more intentional with your time.
  5. After your day of rest, take some time to reflect on what worked and what didn't. Put in to practice what allows you to have a more effective Sabbath.

Sabbath Resources

Here are a few recommended books, podcasts, and studies on the practice of Sabbath. 




Sabbath Playlist

We love the opportunity to worship during our day of rest. Click below for some of our favorite playlists.


“Lord I put my life in Your hand.  I trust in You, my God.” - Psalm 25:1-2



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