Winter Retreat 2015 High School Student Leader Application
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For this year’s winter retreat, we are looking for 10-12 high school students who can come along as leaders, facilitating different experiences throughout the weekend and investing relationally in the lives of our younger students. We are looking for students who are committed to C4 and the Overflow Student Ministry. Specifically, we will take students who consistently attend and contribute within the Kids Creek and Overflow ministries at Cibolo Creek Community Church. We also believe that the students who come along as student leaders will model strong Christian character in their daily lives in every arena: the playing field, the classroom, the community, our church and on social media. We’re looking for role models, students who make healthy and right decisions in areas like language use, sexual purity, the use of substances and the ways in which they treat others. We will contact the references you list and we will check your social media profiles. It is very important that the older students we bring can be counted on to model a Christian faith and lifestyle for the campers. Finally, please know that we will give some consideration to seniority when making potentially difficult decisions between qualified applicants. Not being selected does not mean you didn’t “make the cut.” We will have fewer available spots for high school students that we will have qualified applicants. Please take the time to consider your answers to these questions before you submit your application. Thank you for your interest in helping us at the 2015 Winter Retreat.
Short-Answer Questions
1. Please describe the role that Jesus and your Christian faith plays in your life right now.*
2. Please share at least one area in your spiritual life that you’d like to grow this year.*
3. Please tell us why you’d like to serve as a Student Leader at this year’s Winter Retreat.*
4. Please describe your involvement in the OVERFLOW Student Ministry at Cibolo Creek Community Church and any other ministries like Kids Creek, Guest Services or the Worship Team.*
5. If chosen to serve as a Student Leader, please mark all of the areas you would be willing to serve during the weekend (please choose all that you'd be willing to serve with):*

Please provide 2 references (Name and Phone Number) that we can contact. One should be a non-parent adult. The other should be one of your friends (teen).*