FOCUS is a new strategy for leading students into a deeper relationship with Jesus and one another. It is more than a program; it is a pathway. Our desire is to prepare students for a lifetime of following Jesus in a growing, thriving relationship. Ultimately, when a student steps from our ministry into adulthood, we want them to do so with a high degree of biblical understanding, Christ-like virtue, and relational wisdom. We believe FOCUS is our means to accomplish this.

The strategy is simple: each grade represented in our ministry (6th - 12th) will have dedicated leaders who help them journey through concepts & topics unique to their year of school. In other words, students in each grade will spend their entire school year exploring ideas related to a distinct over-arching theme.

Here's how that breaks down:

6th Grade - Healthy Habits

Overview: Students in 6th grade will learn basic spiritual rhythms that will position them for growth in their relationship with Jesus. This includes (but is not limited to) prayer, bible reading, worship, serving, and community.

Led by Beto Pena & another leader to be determined. Photo & Bio coming soon!

7th Grade - Character & Virtue

Overview: Students in 7th grade will take a deep look at the fruit of the Spirit to learn why character matters and how to grow in those virtues.

Led by John & Alyssa De Los Santos. Photo & Bio coming soon!

8th Grade - Leadership & Influence

Overview: Students in 8th grade will discuss a variety of ideas to help them understand why influence matters, how to influence others positively, and how to grow as a leader.

Led by Jon Marc & Jay Burge. Photo & Bio coming soon!

9th Grade - Theology

Overview: Our freshmen will take an in-depth look at the foundational concepts of the Christian faith, ranging from the nature of God to salvation to heaven & hell and many ideas in between. At the heart of this exploration is the reality that what we believe dictates the way we live.

Led by Wyatt Marchant & Katherine Klement. Photo & Bio coming soon!

10th Grade - Differing Views

Overview: Our sophomores will learn critical details about the religious belief and worldview of those outside of the Christian faith, discussing key differences and how to build relational bridges.

Led by Greg & Barb Bow. Photo & Bio coming soon!

11th Grade - Apologetics

Overview: Having learned the basics of the Christian worldview & other worldviews, our juniors will discuss how to navigate conversations & defend their faith when confronted with dissenting views.

Led by Kathy Villemain & Casey Keller. Photo & Bio coming soon!

12th Grade - Missional Living & Community

Overview: Our seniors will spend the fall semester discussing how to move from internal belief to external expression in a way that prepares them to continue their faith journey beyond high school. Students will learn the importance of living in accountable community, living their life with a missional focus, serving others according to their gifts, and being a spiritual mentor to others. In the spring semester, students will engage in practical expressions that will reinforce each of those ideas.

Led by Doug & Kristin Burford. Photo & Bio coming soon!


"FOCUS NIGHT" is how we aim to implement this new strategy. Each month of the school year (August-May), we will dedicate one Wednesday night to walking our students through a session related to the content described above. 10 months of the school year = 10 FOCUS sessions.

We will begin in the student center where all students & leaders will gather together for a time of musical worship and a brief introduction by one of our pastors or FOCUS leaders. Following the large group gathering students will divide into their grades and settle into designated areas around the church campus where their leaders will lead them in a time of teaching, interaction, and small group discussion related to their unique area of study.

Check out the calendar at the bottom of this page for our upcoming FOCUS NIGHT dates!


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Service Times: Sundays 9:15 & 11:00am