Everyone who has ever had a dream knows what it’s like to try to plan for the future while being firmly planted here in the present. Here at Cibolo Creek, we dream of increasing our capacity to serve a growing community while continuing to ensure that today’s needs are met. So, in order to do this right, the money we raise for our future plans has to be done while continuing to be faithful to the opportunities currently at our doorstep.


Our Vision: 2020 campaign was created to do just that: be faithful to the present while preparing for the future. In order to accomplish this, our strategy is two-fold:

  • Provide for today
  • Prepare for tomorrow


Our future begins today – will you prayerfully consider helping transform the future of Cibolo Creek? Thank you for your continued generosity and prayerful consideration to invest in the future of our church. 

We are asking each person to join us in giving regularly to the support of our Ministry Budget. Cibolo Creek leaders, staff and volunteers are working diligently to carefully and prayerfully plan our ministry season. 


We are so pleased to celebrate the elimination of the $1.1 million dollar debt owed on the property for our future campus. It’s unbelievable how quickly we were able to accomplish this through the incredible generosity of many.

We are now the outright owners of thirty-seven acres of gorgeous hill-country property to use for whatever God may have in store for our church.

Now that this enormous goal has been met, we move forward to the next step in this exciting adventure. Deciding how best to use the property, determining what our facility needs for the future and creating some ideas of what our new campus might look like, comprise the second phase of this important project.

We invite you to help with our continued progress by donating to VISION2020. Your generosity is important to the work still to do. The year 2020 will be here before we know it. With your help we can keep moving forward toward our exciting future.

The I10/Boerne corridor has seen unprecedented growth, and – if left unaddressed – our current facilities and infrastructure will drastically impact the projected growth of our church family. Even under the most modest estimates, we will reach maximum capacity in 2019.


Within the Student and Children’s Ministry, God is on the move and is changing lives. We are seeing kids saved, baptized and plugged into small groups. But, we’re expecting and hoping for more by 2020: more kids coming to Christ, more integrated programs for preschoolers through college students, more excellence in sharing God’s Word, and more kids making an impact locally and abroad.



We understand the value of community in the church and in life. Cibolo Creek will increase our investment in Community Groups because we know that God is working through groups to change people and change the world. By 2020, Cibolo Creek will have over 1,000 of our church members connected through Community Groups.


Whether locally or abroad, the time and resources we invest today in those less fortunate will have an impact on those communities for generations to come. We believe that with the projected growth of our church family, we will see our Missions ministry impact more than 100 families locally each year; our other local outreach ministries will lead 500 lives to Christ annually; more than 200 church members annually will participate in mission trips abroad.