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If you have an idea or suggestion for how we can be of help to someone. Share it here. We will consider your opportunity. No promises.




"Bethany and I met with the nurse at Curington Elementary this morning - she was quite grateful for the donations. Here is a picture of the visit. (see photo gallery) Thank you for the opportunity!"

Gary & Bethany

"I just wanted to thank you, again, for all of the stuff you brought me today. Please thank everyone at the Church who graciously donated. Even though I don’t give out snacks, I was able to donate what I didn’t need to the Lifeskills Teachers and they are very thankful. I really appreciate the generosity. The underwear will go a long way. The Kleenex is always needed! I just can’t thank you enough! Have a blessed week!"

Charla, RN

"At Boerne Middle School North we do- Thank you ! Thank you's ! to people who have done something for us or our students! We really appreciate all that you have been doing for our students . You all are very generous & thoughtful .Everything will definitely be put to good use.

With much appreciation ,

Dona Henslee, RN & the rest of Boerne Middle School North"