Community Bible Experience


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Read big. Read real. Read together.

Community Bible Experience is a different way to read the Bible: less like a reference book, more like a story. It’s a new way to talk about the Bible, too: less like a Bible study, more like a book club. Join us on an unforgettable journey—and reignite your passion for the Scriptures.


We’ve been told a lot of things about the Bible. We know it’s important. We know we should read it.

But we just don’t.

What if there’s a reason? And what if it isn’t just apathy or laziness or busyness? What if it’s the way we read?

Community Bible Experience offers an immersive approach to Scripture. Not a verse here or a chapter there, but whole books read in their original context. It’s not another Bible study. It’s a fresh, open conversation about the Bible—one that anyone can join.

When you join us, we’ll provide everything you need—print Bibles, digital resources, and more.  We will have copies of the New Testament available for only $5 per person starting in January 2017.


Read Big.

Community Bible Experience starts with a 40-day journey through the New Testament. Reading five days a week, around 12 pages a day, you’ll experience every word. We’ll send you a short video each day before you read, helping you connect with the stories, characters, and teachings of the Bible.


Read Real.

We will provide a Bible that lets you experience Scripture as it was meant to be read—less like a reference book, more like a story. There are no chapter and verse numbers, no cross-references, no red letter. The Books of the Bible restores the text to a more authentic presentation, helping you see Scripture in its original context and uncover its original beauty.  These Bibles are in the NIV translation, so it is also easy to read.


Read Together.

This is not like any other Bible study you’ve done because it’s not a Bible study. It’s more like a book club.There are no workbooks to fill out. No fill-in-the-blank answers to easy questions. Instead, your Community Group will gather to discuss, ponder, and reflect together. 

If you are not currently part of community, we encourage you to visit our new 'drop-in' group called The Bridge.


The Bridge Community Group – Check out our weekly group that meets on Wednesday evenings at 7pm at a home close to the church. This group is open to anyone and everyone! If you have been a Christian for many years but have questions about your faith, this is a safe group to ask those questions! If you are simply exploring Christianity and want to know more about what we believe here at Cibolo Creek, this is also a safe place for those questions as well.  

This group meets weekly but you are free to join at any time and you are free to leave at any time. You are welcome to invite your friends and neighbors to join in on the conversation as well. If you are interested in learning more about this group, please click HERE and we will get back with you as soon as possible. 

We hope this ignites your passion for God's word!

Nothing is more important to church vitality—and personal spiritual growth—than a deep, sustained connection with the Bible. Yet most of us barely read the Bible outside of church. And most churchgoers say they don’t get the help they need connecting deeply with the Scriptures.

That changes today.

Community Bible Experience has ignited a passion for the Bible in thousands of churches. More than 80% of surveyed participants finished the New Testament in 8 weeks—or less. For many—even longtime churchgoers—it’s the first time they’ve ever read the New Testament.

Now it’s your turn. Imagine what could happen if you spent the next 8 weeks immersing itself in Scripture. But don’t just imagine. Do it. Dive in. Get swept up in the story together.