Christmas 2021

Collide: (verb) to come together with solid or direct impact. 

Throughout history collisions of chaos, war, disaster, confusion, heartache, and loss have occurred. When things collide, the result is usually catastrophic. Rarely do colliding objects escape unscathed. Never do they end up better.

Except for one moment in all of history.

A momentous moment, where a collision was for, not just the better, but for the best. At this unparalleled crossroads in history, a baby was born in a stable. He was God. Come from Heaven to earth.

His name was Jesus.

And his story has been colliding with ours ever since.


Join us this Christmas season, as we celebrate this momentous collision together.


Hats, Gloves & Scarves Collection for Meadowland's Children

All through December
Be with and for a child living at Meadowland Children’s Home in Boerne by bringing new winter scarves, gloves and hats with you to church on Sundays and hang them on the donation tree in the lobby or the church office Monday-Friday.

Love Offerings for Ministry of Mercy in Nigeria

All through December
Bless our long-time friends in Nigeria by donating a monetary gift to help support this incredible orphanage working to advance God’s Kingdom in Africa. Donate in person by dropping a check off in the box next to the donation tree in the lobby. When doing so, make sure to write "missions" in the memo line.

Or click below to donate online. make sure to select “missions” in the drop down box to designate your gift.


Christmas Eve Services at CiboloCreek

December 24
4:00 and 6:00 pm | Main Auditorium
Join us for an unforgettable Christmas Eve service as we celebrate the birth of Christ with worship and teaching. We have two service times for you to choose from: 4:00pm and 6:00pm

*Please note: Preschool KidsCreek is available at the 4:00pm service only. No KidsCreek at the 6:00pm service, instead children are invited to attend service with their parents.


No Worship Service on December 26th

Celebrate the birth of Jesus with us at one of our two Christmas Eve services on December 24th and then stay home and enjoy your family and friends next Sunday, December 26th!

Something a little different...

January 2
10:00 am | Main Auditorium
Join us for a unique Sunday morning as we embark on a new year of inviting God to help us discover an even greater depth of what it means to be a church family.

*Please note: There will not be regular KidsCreek and Overflow for this service. Instead all children and students are invited to join their families in our main worship gathering.


Spend time together with your family during the Advent season.

What is Advent? Advent is the season leading up to Christmas Eve that helps us prepare our hearts and spirits for the birth and arrival of Jesus on earth (Luke 2:1-20). Advent helps us have grateful hearts for Jesus’s first coming, but also leads us to have hopeful expectation for His second coming, when He returns again to establish His Kingdom on Earth (Rev 19 & 20; Matt 24:36 & 44).

Why an Advent Calendar? Advent Calendars are often found in homes as a way to countdown the days until Santa arrives, but they can also be used as a practice of looking forward to Christ’s arrival on earth so we may have a renewed hope of salvation. We want to help provide an Advent calendar that you can use in addition to your Christmas countdown to merge the fun of anticipating the arrival of Christmas day while reflecting on the hope of Jesus!

Click below to download our Advent Calendar and use as a tool to spend time together with your loved ones.

Sundays at 10:00am
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