Generosity Changes The World

October 03, 2018


The Pay It Forward movement is something that has been going around for years.  Every once in a blue moon though, someone gives it an extra boost.  It can start by paying for an item for a stranger.  It can simply start by passing on a smile.  However, the true identity of this movement is the fact that people are giving to another person knowing the person on the receiving end cannot give them anything in return.

Numbers 7:4-5 tells us, “The Lord said to Moses, ‘Accept these from them, that they may be used in the work at the tent of meeting.  Give them to the Levites as each man’s work requires.’”  Giving is such a beautiful thing.  God has given us all gifts to share with the community around us.  We see in this verse that even though Moses is accepting gifts, he is passing it forward to others so that it may be used to build God’s kingdom.

God desires for His children to have a generous heart.  This is displayed throughout Numbers 7.  In this book, Israel gives generously aboveand beyond the tithe. The people didn’t just give anything. The twelve tribes gave their absolute best.   
Some of us think we have to bring silver, gold, and thousands of dollars to bring our best. But giving your best is not always measured in dollars and cents. Sometimes, our best is our hands lifted in worship or even a smile. Other times, giving our best is doing a good deed without anyone knowing. Giving God our best can be as simple as spreading His love and that is the most wonderful gift of them all.


  • Have you ever received a gift you weren’t expecting? How did you feel in that moment?
  • When is the last time you gave to someone “just because”? Maybe it was a lunch, a surprise gift or something handed down.
  • How did the experience of giving make you feel?


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