Be Light. Be Generous.

June 05, 2018
  Do you ever wonder about the people who ask for money at stoplights? I do. It happened today actually. I was stopped at the traffic light and I saw a gentleman walking between the cars with a sign that read,  “Anything helps, God Bless.”  We made eye...


Is Your Glass Half Full?

May 23, 2018
  2 Corinthians 6:1-13 NIV "As God’s co-workers we urge you not to receive God’s grace in vain. For he says,  'In the time of my favor I heard you, and in the day of salvation I helped you.' I tell you, now is the time of God’s favor, ...


Get Real

May 01, 2018
  Now early in the morning, as Jesus was coming back to the city, He was hungry. Seeing a lone fig tree at the roadside, He went to it and found nothing but leaves on it; and He said to it, “Never again will fruit come from you.” And at once the fig tree withere...


Fear - Spoken Word

April 14, 2018


How to Beat FOMO: The Fear of Missing Out

April 13, 2018
  You’ve heard of FOMO, right? It stands for “Fear of Missing Out.” There’s so much going on in our lives, sometimes we fear if we decide to do one thing, we’re missing out on something even more fun or valuable. But overcommitting is how you c...


Sadie Robertson Connects the Dots Between Heartbreak, Pursuing Love, and ‘Live Fearless’

April 11, 2018
In my new book, Live Fearless, the chapter titled “Connect the Dots” was the hardest for me to write. However, as the chapter states, if I want to be free, strong, and happy, I can’t draw my way around any of the dots life throws at me. I have to put m...


Parenting Your Way Through Childhood Fears

April 09, 2018
Several years ago, I had an encounter with one of the biggest childhood fears facing mankind. Let me explain. My family stayed at a hotel with an indoor water park. As a dad, I watched my kids run to each of the water areas including the pool, lazy river, and the kiddie slides. ...


Bringing Up Girls In A Sex-Crazed World

March 22, 2018
I enjoyed dance and cheerleading for many reasons. Not only did I enjoy the athleticism and social time with girlfriends, but there was the prestige that came along with being a dancer and cheerleader.  People automatically assume you are attractive, well-liked, and the life...


The Fire

March 10, 2018
  I stink at making a fire. Well, I did. To my defense, I never had a fireplace growing up. My brothers and I would go out to the fire pit (really it was just the place we burned the trash) gather up pine needles, throw in some sticks, light it and there you go. Nothing fan...


I'm Tired.

March 09, 2018
I am so tired. I wake up and not long after, I just want to go back to bed. Unfortunately, I express my fatigue through anger. And it’s true that I’m angry. I hate being tired. I hate trying to function through a fog of exhaustion. And yet, I do. Everyday. And it...


Rose Bushes & Cutie Pies

March 07, 2018
  Last year, I planted 5 rose bushes. The very interesting thing about roses – at least these kind – they only produce buds on new growth. So, once a rose blooms and dies, the leaves surrounding it get left behind as new growth is sprouted on top of it. About a...


My Book So Far

February 26, 2018
  I view my life as a book. Certain seasons become the chapters in the story of my life. My childhood is one, my teenage years are a painful chapter, my marriage could be a book in and of itself. My children each have their own continuing stories. But, I honestly have to sa...