Student Ministry: Cave Without a Name

Student Ministry: Cave Without a Name
October 25
1:00 PM to 4:30 PM

Overflow Students!!!
  Join us for a fun day of stomping around and exploring Cave Without a Name in nearby Boerne, TX.

With Halloween approaching, we will be exploring this cave with a tour guide in the dark!  Some lamps and blacklights will be available for the students to light up the cave and see some of the walls glow in the dark, but bringing your own is recommended!!!

Carpool from Church parking lot @ 1:00pm
MS- Cave tour @ 2:00pm
HS- Hike, gift shop, exploring @ 2:00pm
MS - Hike, gift shop, etc @ 3:00pm
HS - Cave Tour @ 3:00pm
Arrive back at church parking lot by 4:40pm

We will be meeting at the church parking lot on Sunday, Oct 25th @ 1:00pm sharp to get to the cave by 1:45.
You are more than welcome to meet us at the cave if you want to drive on your own. Those meeting at the church parking lot should arrive at the cave by 1:45PM to meet you.
If you are under 18 a parent MUST complete a travel waiver form for you.
Please note ~ if we do not have a complete waiver form for you, you will not be able to attend the cave tour/hike. All friends attending with us need to have their parent sign a waiver as well.

Things to bring with you:
* You Must wear a Mask carpooling to and from the cave and any other area your leader asks you to during the event
* You Must wear Closed toed shoes
* Bring your own water bottle
* Blacklight or Regular Flashlight
* Wearing your Halloween G or PG costume is optional and coordinating outfits with friends is welcome!!
* Extra $$ if you wish to shop in the gift shop: includes drinks, ice cream, and other non-food gift items
* $5.00 to saw open a Geode

Parents! We need your help! We are looking for about 5-10 carpool drivers to help take kids to our event. Please register by Oct 22nd if you can help and the church will pay your tour fee so it’s free!



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