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They say the Golden Rule of Real Estate is Location, Location, Location. I am beginning to think the Golden Rule for Organizations is Communication, Communication, Communication. Over and over again we are reminded that there can never be enough communication in the life of a church. Even at the risk of over-communicating, we need to repeatedly share, in multiple ways, what is happening around our church.

Our new virtual version of "theCREEK" is just one more way for us to effectively communicate what is going on in the life of CIBOLOCREEK. In it you will find information about events that will occur around our church over the month. And boy, there is a lot happening around here these days. There is something for everybody: children, students, adults, parents, singles, couples, spiritual seekers, and committed followers of Jesus Christ. Fun events, learning opportunities, ways to help others, and important services are just a few of the opportunities that exist around CIBOLOCREEK.

Use the newsletter to set important dates on your calendar or use it to invite a friend to an upcoming event. Read every word of it or just look for those headings of the most interest to you and your family.
My thanks to the folks who made this important communication tool possible and are committed to seeing it serve our church family well.

What an exciting church we have! I couldn’t be happier to read through this newsletter and see an active, vibrant, and healthy church alive and well at Cibolo Creek Community Church.



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