Hurricane Harvey

We are inviting the Cibolo Creek Community Church family to share financial donations on behalf of these storm victims. 100% of what is received will be used to support our efforts to serve these families. To donate to the relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey through Cibolo Creek Community Church click the donate button below.



In our effort to continue supporting a few families as they clean up, repair and rebuild, we are headed to Tivoli again!  If you are able and willing, please consider helping this team on Saturday, December 30th.



TIVOLI: SATURDAY, December 30th, 2017.

LEADS: Kate Henson (830-388-1470) & Mike Spell (210-471-1821)

We will depart at about 7:00AM and travel to Cindy & Wayne Myers’ house in Tivoli, TX 77990.  It’s a little under a 3 hr drive, so we should arrive before 10:00 am.  We will coordinate carpooling after sign-up.  If you drive yourself, Google Maps will take you to the wrong location so use a different mapping service or follow the detailed directions which will be given to you after sign-up.

The Myers’ 1-story house is in a rural area a few miles North of Tivoli.  It appears to have been hit by a tornado during the hurricane and lost a significant portion of the roof which now has a temporary tarp over it.  We will be working indoors to install wall boards and ceilings.  The house has electricity and one working restroom but no air conditioning at this time.  Victoria is about 30 minutes away if you want to consider an overnight stay in a hotel.

We may provide lunch (will let you know later) but bring what you need for drinks and snacks.  High school students may participate.   This is planned as a ONE DAY trip.

Tools/items needed:


Nail Guns (check with Mike after sign-up)

Compressors (check with Mike after sign-up)

Hammers, drivers, crowbars, etc.

For fiberglass handling; long sleeves, eye protection, cap/hat, gloves, good dust mask

Staple guns for fiberglass installation.

First-aid kit

Water, food, & coolers



With heavy hearts, all of us are watching the news coming out of areas along the Texas coast impacted by Hurricane Harvey. The amount of devastation is truly disturbing as you see images of families and communities completely overwhelmed by the conditions brought on by this storm. Fortunately, the response from people and organizations mobilized to help has been nothing short of inspiring.

 Cibolo Creek Community Church wants to roll up our sleeves and help too.


 We will not be able to meet every need or help every person. But we can help some. We decided to begin with helping relatives of our own church family whom we have learned have been hurt by Hurricane Harvey.  We hope to proceed thoughtfully so as not to inadvertently become part of the problem, but rather to be part of a long-term solution as it will take months, weeks and even years of being with and for the communities who have been devastated. 


The first step we are taking is to send three Reconnaissance Teams to personally meet with relatives of church family members who have lost their primary residence in the aftermath of the storm. These teams will evaluate the best ways to be of help to these families both here in the immediate as well as over the next several months.



Next, throughout the month of September, we are inviting the Cibolo Creek Community Church family to share financial donations on behalf of these storm victims. 100% of what is received will be used to support our efforts to serve these families. While we don’t know exactly what our Reconnaissance Teams will learn about what is needed, we can assume it will include items like lumber, roofing, flooring, plumbing, electricity, and other related construction materials. The amount of debris surrounding these homes is staggering and will need to be removed. The money you donate will be an enormous help in securing these vital materials and supporting the families we serve.


If you wish to make a donation, please clearly designate your gift with “Hurricane Harvey Relief.”  You may also donate online at at the Give tab.



After receiving the reports of our Reconnaissance Teams and needs are evaluated, we will be in a position to create a plan for sending larger groups of volunteers to lend these families a helping hand. We will need people with specialized skills as well as volunteers willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.


We will do our very best to keep you informed of details as they unfold in this very complicated situation.



For those of you who wish to act immediately, we have learned from service organizations currently serving in the affected areas that the best way for large numbers of people to help is to support the efforts of national or local agencies. Here are a few agencies or organizations you may consider contacting to offer your support.

Samaritan’s Purse

The Red Cross

The Convoy of Hope

Hill Country Daily Bread

Hill Country Family Services