CIBOLOCREEK Builds Beds for Kids

Author: Lisa Brown
March 20, 2019

Saturday was one of the last mornings of spring break for most schools around the city, one of the last chances for many kids and their families to sleep in and relax before returning to school on Monday. But there was no sleeping in for the crew at Cibolo Creek Community Church. By 9 a.m., the parking lot was a flurry of activity, all thanks to a guy from Idaho.

In 2012, Luke Mickelson learned there were children in his town of Twin Falls, Idaho, who had to sleep on the floor. He and his family built a bunkbed for some kids who needed a bed. That bed led to another, and then another, and eventually that bed-building enterprise grew into a non-profit organization called Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

With the slogan of “No kid sleeps on the floor in our town!”, the mission of Sleep in Heavenly Peace is to build beds for children who have no bed to sleep in. The organization uses volunteer forces across the United States to build beds for children in need. Since 2012 when Luke Mickelson and his family built their first beds, Sleep in Heavenly Peace has continued to grow and now has 137 chapters in 40 states. In 2018 they assembled 14,780 volunteers to build 4,144 bunk beds, allowing 9,253 kids to stop sleeping on the floor. Last weekend Cibolo Creek Community Church had the privilege of being part of their volunteer force.

I wasn’t planning to attend the Sleep in Heavenly Peace bed-building event on Saturday. I thought it was predominantly a youth group activity, and my kids had other plans that morning. But I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that there are kids in San Antonio who don’t have beds to sleep in. I know there are a multitude of people who live below the poverty line, but it’s hard to imagine that some of those families don’t even have beds for their kids. As heartbreaking as that sounds, it’s the reality for many children in our city, and it’s not just that they have uncomfortable beds. They have no beds at all. The event reminded me of how thankful I am that my family has warm, comfy beds to sleep in. I just knew I had to respond by helping out with the bed-building project, and I’m so glad I did. 

Since it was a last-minute decision for me to jump into the project, I arrived late, expecting to possibly use a screwdriver, or maybe a hammer and nails to help assemble beds. Was I ever surprised when I arrived at the church and find a full-blown bed-building workshop in the parking lot. Talk about organization! We weren’t just putting bed kits together. We were starting with raw lumber! 

The whole process was extremely robust and organized. The first stations were manned with people measuring, cutting and stacking the lumber. The next few stations were tables filled with people busily sanding down the boards. Then the boards got forwarded to other stations where holes were drilled, the wood was cured, and the beds were partially assembled and branded with the Sleep in Heavenly Peace logo.

Since I arrived late, bed-building operations were already in full swing, so I just walked around from station to station until I found one that needed help. The sanding station was more than happy to hand me a rotary sander, a mask, and some safety glasses. I had never used a rotary sander before, so it was a new adventure. For several hours I sanded board after board with a whole group of other volunteers, and it was really fun! When we first started, the pile of boards ready to be sanded was quite sizable and continued to grow. It seemed like we would surely be sanding all day, but eventually all the lumber was measured and cut, and those volunteers moved to other stations, making the work go faster. Many hands do make light work! We were scheduled to finish at 1pm, and we sanded our last boards at 12:54pm. That Sleep in Heavenly Peace organization has their process down to a science. 

Our huge group of volunteers managed to make 30 bunkbeds in four hours, creating beds for sixty San Antonio children. What a worthwhile and heartwarming morning, and so fun to be part of a team that helped a project like that come together. I would love to do it again, and I hear rumors that I may not be the only one who feels that way. I suspect Cibolo Creek may be hosting a bed-building workshop again, and whether or not you were part of the first one, I highly recommend you join us the next time for an opportunity to get dirty, use power tools, and be the hands and feet of Jesus by providing beds to San Antonio children in need.

For more information on Sleep in Heavenly Peace, you may visit their website at www.shpbeds.orgor their Facebook page at

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